Launched in only 6 months and EETV boosted both fixed broadband net adds and ARPU without premium content investment.


EE late entrant to UK TV market but created differentiated TV offer in the market by adopting early the hybrid OTT Set Top Box model


EETV has driven both broadband customer acquisition and driven up ARPU with strong customer satisfaction ratings


Netgem roadmap keeps adding new innovations, features and content to EETV

“EE TV received outstanding reviews at launch, and we will continue to use our unrivalled knowledge of mobile behaviour in order to update and enhance the service over time,”

Simeon Bird
Director Home Broadband and TV, EE


What was the problem

In 2014, EE had a strong position in mobile and fixed services in the UK but no TV offering, in a market where triple play was fast becoming the norm for fixed services. Without an appetite for strong premium content investment but keen to surf the wave of fast growing OTT services, EE needed to bring to market an innovative and differentiated TV offer with a quick time to market.


What was the solution

EE selected Netgem as their TV software and solution partner, EE launched with a differentiated TV offer with the most advanced features in UK: unique multiscreen TV with mobile and tablets in-home, all content types were available from live to recordings and catch-up and major On-Demand services (Youtube, BBC iPlayer etc…); a strong mobile offer with mobile and tablet offering viewing, compa- nion and remote control capabilities; the most comprehensive timeshifted capabilities recordings across 8 channels simultaneously and 24 hours catch-up of favourite channels.


What was the outcome

EETV launched with a differentiated offer in the market and has kept evolving driven by Netgem’s innovation roadmap. It has had a significant impact on the UK business: «UK’s fastest growing fixed broadband base for the 4th quarter in a row with best ever net adds of 50k, revenue up +15% yoy, driven by effective cross-selling and early success of EETV.» April ‘15, EE Results. EE TV has impacted broadband customer acquisition, Blended ARPU, and increased customer satisfaction with the lowest propensity to call rate across EE customer call centres.