The most advanced mobile and digital market in the world requires an advanced and continually innovating TV service.


Elisa TV is the most popular entertainment service in Finland


34% subscriber growth in 2016


Very high customer satisfaction and net promoter scores


What was the problem

Finland is one of the most technically advanced counties in the world and has been breaking ground in digital,
mobile and TV for over a quarter of a century. An innovative and leading TV service is a core part of the Elisa offer and necessary to succeed in the competitive Finnish market. Elisa required a partner that they could rely on to support creating the TV service and meet the current market need whilst being able to evolve and innovate as the market changed.


What was the solution

Elisa selected Netgem as their core TV solution, STB and software partner in the late 2000s. Over 5 years, Netgem have supported Elisa build their TV service and improve the brand to become the leading entertainment brand in Finland, known as ‘Elisa Viihde’. Every cycle, Netgem have upgraded and innovated on the TV solution. There can be up to 4 upgrade a year. Netgem’s award winning UI has been one critical part of the success of the TV service and a big driver of customer satisfaction.


What was the outcome

Netgem have delivered as the TV technology partner for for Elisa. Recent performance for the Elisa Viihde/TV service has been outstanding. “Elisa Viihde is the most popular entertainment and TV service in Finland”. (Asko Känsälä Director, Consu- mer Customers, 2016 Elisa Annual Report). The TV service is adding subscribers and lif- ting demand for other Telco services like the broadband offer. “TV subscribers numbe- red 444,000 at the end of 2016, up more than 34% year-on-year”. (Telegraphy, 2017). “Over the course of the year (2016), its (Elisa Viihde) demand and Net Promoter Score were very high”, Asko Känsälä, Director, Consumer Customers.