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Powering connectivity to the whole home

Netgem Super WIFi comes with a pair of powerful, discrete and affordable WiFi Pods.

With built-in 2×2 5GHz 802.11ac and 2×2 2.4GHz 801.11n WiFi, these pods enable a safe and easy set-up, and power a managed network for all homes irrespective of the gateway.

Netgem WiFi Pods are built with the EasyMesh interoperable standard.

Reliable coverage

Through the WiFi Pods, the Netgem ‘Super WiFi’ Mesh network eliminates  “not spots” and brings the best connectivity in every room

Better streaming

Embedded software allocates bandwidth intelligently to ensure smooth video streaming, gaming and other usages at the same time.

Fast & easy setup

A single SSID across the entire home with  automatic handovers in between Pods when moving around the home

Affordable device

Allows a mass-market approach and consistent bundling of the premium Netgem Super WiFi experience for all your customers

Upgrade your entertainment,
unleash the Smart Home (+ home office!)

Technical Specifications

  • Concurrent MU-MIMO Repeater
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz 64QAM with 300Mbpps
  • IEEE 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz 256QAM with 867Mbps
  • Support 2T2R MIMO at 2.4GHz
  • Support 2T2R MU-MIMO at 5GHz with Beamforming
  • SPI Flash 8MB
  • DDR2 64MB (Build-in RTL8197FS)
  • 10/100/1000M UTP Port x2 (Auto MDI/MDI-X)
  • WPS / Reset Button x 1
  • LEDx6
  • 0 ~ 40°C

10-90% (Non condensing)

  • RTL8197FS (2.4 GHz)
  • RTL88128RH (5 GHz)
  • RTL8363 (GbE)
  • 2.4GHz
    • 11b(11M): 18±1.5dBm,
    • 11g(54M): 15±1.5dBm,
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7): 14±1.5dBm,
    • 11n(40MHz, MCS7): 14±1.5dBm
  • 5GHz
    • 11a(54M): 15±1.5 dBm,
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7): 14±1.5 dBm,
    • 11n(40MHz, MCS7): 14±1.5dBm,
    • 11ac(80MHz, VHTMCS9): 12±1.5dBm
  • 2.4GHz
    • 11b(11M): -79±2dBm,
    • 11g(54M): -67±2dBm,
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7): -66±2dBm,
    • 11n(40MHz, MCS7): -63±2dBm
  • 5GHz
    • 11a(54M): -67±2dBm,
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7): -67±2dBm,
    • 11n(40MHz,MCS7): -65±2dBm,
    • 11ac(80MHz,VHTMCS9): -56±2dBm

95 W x 50 H x 95 D mm

DC 12V/1A

Internal DB PiFa Antennas x 2

EasyMesh compliant
Web-Based configuration
Mobile Application

Device layout

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