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Netgem Device Management Platform

Management Platform


The following reports are provided by Netgem to The Customer every quarter:

Service level achievement (monthly and yearly)

Faults report with time of acknowledge, of workaround and of final correction when available

Device Management

Smart home applications from devices such as Set-Top Box, Sound Bar and WiFi Extenders and future device.

Transparent management

Netgem displays the name of the telecommunication service provider on Set Top Boxes for TV. Set Top Boxes hardware is delivered with an overshipment to cover the warranty.

Hosted or Managed

The telecommunication service provider markets the offers and provides support to end users. Netgem provides Level 2 support to the NOC. Netgem teams will monitor the solution.

Upgrade your entertainment,
unleash the Smart Home

Technical Specifications

  • Based on a unique AI engine which analyses the network model and performances, Netgem Guru delivers ongoing improvement to the WiFi configuration including:
    • channel optimisation
    • reduction of interference
    • client steering
    • AP steering
  • An improved behavioural model learns from a household usage and determines in advance the best setup at some point
    • Specific steering at a certain time due to predicted location
    • Specific channel configuration in anticipation of an increased network consumption
  • Based on Netgem DMS extended knowledge and proven record of back-end reliability and scalability
    • Hosted by Microsoft Azure
    • Auto-scaling capability to answer to changing demands
  • Data are measured continuously 
  • Edge computing controller aggregates data depending on its semantic before sending them to the back-end
  • Round-robin storage to minimize the exponentiality of storage
  • KPI are assessed on different levels
    • Household
    • Group of users
    • Region / Country 
    • Entire operation
  • Netgem Guru has a live mode with very little offset with real time, allowing an efficient interface for the helpdesk
  • View directly the topology of a household:
    • AP and backhaul status
    • Clients connected with all the configuration
    • Type of connection, quality, stability
    • Stability of the topology
  • Helpdesk can interfere directly with the household to nail down the source of an issue
  • Alerts and warning are triggered automatically by Netgel Guru:
    • Loss of an Access Point
    • Underrated performances
    • Significant change in the topology reporting
    • Issue caused by a specific client device
  • These alerts are pushed to the end user 
    • Visual feedback on devices (when devices permits)
    • email, SMS
    • Incoming call for high stake alert

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