Super WiFi

Managed “WiFi Mesh as a Service” for Telcos

Netgem “Wifi Mesh as a Service” is designed for Telcos who want to transform their subscribers’ home connectivity issues from a costly challenge into an opportunity to boost their KPIs across the range.

Increase ARPU

Launch a new value-added service and differentiate your offer as an add-on or bundled with your “premium” packages

Increase NPS and lower churn

Optimise your customers’ Broadband experience to maximise satisfaction and prevent churn

Reduce your support costs

Get visibility of your subscriber’ local network to facilitate your customer support and anticipate issues

Benefit from cost effective devices

Address your whole customer base.

Full opex model available including hardware rental

‘‘Super Wifi by Netgem is fully off-the-shelf and allows a fast and easy set up for the end-users increasing our competitive advantage and creating positive word of mouth. At the same time, the ‘as a Service’ model helps us to reduce our support cost, thanks to a dedicated operators’ back end, without big injection of cash upfront.”

Aurélien Coutreau
Marketing Manager
La Fibre Videofutur (leading French rural ISPs)

The first managed connectivity solution that constantly improves the local network performance for your subscribers whilst reducing your support costs

WholeHome WiFi 100% Guarantee

Superfast and continuous connection in every room: top speed everywhere and no more “not spots” or WiFi drops

Super easy, super fast set up

Only a handful of minutes to set up with step by step help from our mobile app - no need for installation, no calls driven

Simple to deploy OTT service

Compatible with any gateway ecosystem thanks to our controller embedded into the first pod - no integration complexity and cost

Full view of your customers’ home network

Get access to network topography, alerts for missing access points, list of devices and all the relevant data to help your support desk

Future proof ‘EasyMesh’

Netgem Super WiFi is EasyMesh compliant to allow long term compatibility with a growing ecosystem of devices

Managed solution

We manage the cloud-based back-end with Telco-grade SLAs, keeping operational complexity out of your business

Relying on our technology

GURU back-end for operators

Pods WiFi

Mobile App myWiFi

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