Fully outsourced video value-added service

Though its VOD as a Service under the brand Videofutur, Netgem accompanies its customers towards successful roll out of their VoD Offer, through a range of Managed Services delivered in a fully outsourced model.

Limit your risk

Do not support the M€ minimum guarantees needed to launch a full VOD service

Launch fast

Prepackaged End-to-end service for a fast time to market

Leverage our expertise

Rely on our teams of experts for content rights negocations and management

Generate ARPU

Revenue share and pay as you grow model to make VOD a Value-Added Service and not a cost center.

‘‘ Thanks to a partnership with Videofutur that began in 2011, customers of our interactive television services can enjoy the best of on-demand entertainment and more particularly of a unique video library of French-speaking contents.”

Christian Voide
Directeur Général de SA

Videofutur’s turnkey VoD as a Service model enables operators to rely on Videofutur as a end-to-end partner operating the VoD Offer and ensuring it keeps its competitive innovation edge over time.

A uniquely large content catalog TVOD / EST / SVOD

15000 contents (movies, series) from all the largest international US, French & european studios SVOD Cinema, SVOD Kid EST for early availability and higher ARPU

Complete chain of production and distribution

Built in Azure, our VOD platform allows UHD, HD and SD encoding, storage and multi bitrate streaming to every screen with higher security standard compliance

Content marketing

Product Marketing Support tools and Editorialisation to increase consumptions (newsletters and weekly film promotions, vouchers)


Manage multi-audio and multi-language subtitles to offer the most immersive experience

Multiscreen application Suite

Unified interface on every screen (TV, iOS, Android, PC/MAC, Chromecast)

Operations and Maintenance

Fully managed and outsourced service, from legal and technical relationships with right owners to invoicing reports.

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